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Custom made orthotics are often used to address foot problems but can also help with sore knees, hips, back and neck problems. An orthotic is essentially a brace for the bottom of your feet. The orthotics are inserted into your shoe to help re-align, support and adjust any problems which are occuring. They are fabricated from a variety of materials and used in many types of shoes, such as: athletic, therapeutic, work and even dress shoes.


All of our Custom made Orthotics....are truly custom made for our clients. We manufacture the orthotics in our on-site laboratory. No long wait times for your orthotics. Your Custom Made Orthotics are made within 1 week's time of your first visit to our office. We feel that when a client is in discomfort, it is essential to their recovery to be given care effectively and quickly.


Orthopedic Footwear

Sometimes all it takes to fix your sore feet is a supportive pair of shoes. Here at Elgin County Foot Services, we carry a wide variety of shoes to accomodate your needs. For the active individuals who are always on their feet; we carry athletic shoes by Saucony and New Balance. If your looking for a stylish pair of sandals which accommodate your orthotics, we carry a wide variety of Naot, Mephisto, and Biotime. We also carry workboots by STC and JB Goodhue to accommodate your hardworking feet.




Patients should always consult with their physician prior to seeing a pedorthist. This allows your pedorthist to provide you with the most effective treatment based on the doctor's prescription.

Custom made orthotics are covered under many benefit plans with your physician's prescription. We deal with many insurance providers such as: Blue Cross, Manulife, Veterans Affairs, Native Affairs, Sunlife and Canada Life, Green Shield, Claim Secure, Desjardins, Industrial Alliance

We also carry...

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